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Flavor Favor (2024)
Game, lead writer.

Flavor Favor is an upcoming soft sci-fi visual novel that delves into the world of an AI-kin known as "fumers." Join a group of escaped fumer refugees on the remote island of Tuinu, and their fight cause for liberation. Befriend or confront different characters, explore your expanding senses, uncover memories and secrets, and most importantly: recommend snacks! The game delves into the politics of labor, artificial intelligence, and anthropocentrism— questioning the essentialization of humanity.

Flavor Favor is set to release in Q2 2024 and is written by Jafar The Superstar, with development by Studio Malosi. Check out the trailer and add the game to your wishlist on Steam!

The Psychnetic Disappearence of Jafar The Superstar (2023)
Game, solo-creation.

The Psychnetic Disappearence of Jafar The Superstar is a mystery hyperlink adventure game where you browse an alternative internet powered through telepathy. You play as a detective trying to uncover what has happened to the influencer Jafar The Superstar, who’s thoughts (which she’s sold the right’s to a social streaming platform) has stopped uploading to the Psychnet cloud. A demo game comissioned by online art space Konst Detox. Play it here.

The Enchanted Corner (2023)
Video, performer and writer.

Follow along as dame Madam Yzmera and other esoterics read the tarot cards, scry orbs and consult crystals in the popular commercial series ‘’The Enchanted Corner.’’ In the first episode Madam Yzmera will tell your future personally! A spoof on infomercials of the 90s and a homage to TV-psychic Miss Cleo. Written, edited and performed by Jafar The Superstar. Produced by Idil Mohamud Gurey & Ronson Huynh. Available on YouTube.  Eng. Eng sub. (08:42.)

Questions I Have for God (2022)
Video, co-writer and producer.

‘’If God knocked on your door right now, what would you ask them?’’ An animated short film that contemplates on exile, life, longing, diasporic experiences, anger, grief and hope in regards to the ongoing feminist revolution in Iran. Made in collaboration with Rahul Gunnarsson, Julia Ammouri and Yajuan Medin. Voiced by Atoosa Farahmand. Available on Youtube. Farsi. Eng sub. (06:32)  #WomanLifeFreedom.

It Came from the Future (2022)
Mixed reality video, solo-creation.

 ‘’Four years after the neo-nazi facist right got elected to office, not only Sweden but the entire galaxy has gone to hell. The resistance in the future are therefore sending one of their best soldiers to the past to prevent the capitalist apocalypse.’’ Animated visuals for the mixed reality performance “Grandma from Space” with Jafar The Retired Superstar. Premiered at Cinema Queer Film Festival. Shot in The Sims 4. Available on YouTube. Eng. (4:17)

Al Jizz Queera: The Movie (2022)
Mixed reality video, co-writer and producer.

‘’When Baba Jaan finds out that a highly contagious disease called heterosexuality is still live and well, the iconic Al Jizz Queera trio set out on an epic quest to find a cure...’’ Video for mixed reality performance of the same name by Al-Jizz Queera that throws a gut-punch at heteronormative society. Premiered at Stockwig Drag Festival.  Available on YouTube. Sv. (6:06)

Baba söker Mama (2021)
Video, writer and producer.

‘’Baba Jaan’s heartache is killing him. At long last the two rival sisters Jafar and Ortolana join forces to try and find his perfect match.’’ Animated visuals for mixed reality performance with the same name by drag-trio Al Jizz Queera. An interactive reality show in which the audience is invited to compete for drag king Baba Jaans’ hand in marriage. Performed at Cyklopen, Stockholm, Medelhavsmuseet, Stockholm, and InKonst, Malmö.

WooHoo med Jafar The Superstar (2021)
Video, solo-creation.

‘’What’s the difference between a kink and a fetish? How can you tell if someone’s into you? What constitutes good sex?’’ In this educational video game steam comissioned by sexual health organization RFSU, all of those questions and many more are answered. Exhibited at Gothenburg City Library during West Pride 2021.  Available on YouTube and in SSL. Sv. Sv. sign language. (45:55)

Beach - Aasma: The Sims 4 Live Session (2021)
Video, co-creator.

A virtual music video created for dream-pop artist Aasma starring a cast of whimsical characters on an outdoor concert in the tropics. Premiered along with an interview on Nöjesguiden. Available on YouTube. Eng.

Spice Girls leder till Kärleken (2021)
Video, co-creator.

A short interview-collage about a boy’s love for the Spice Girls. Exhibited at Ateljé SKHLM as part of the LGBTQI+ youth exhibit ‘A Part of Us’ curated by Jafar The Superstar and Afrang N. Malekian. Available on demand. Sv.

Gen Z Yoga (2020-2021)
Video, solo-creation.

‘’Kom-bu-cha!’’ A humoristic meditation series in four parts that parodizes new age capitalism and consumerist spiritualism as well as bring awareness to the exploitations of racialized queer bodies. Exhibited at Malmö Pride 2020, Folk och Kultur Convention and Queer Cohesion: Collectiveness, Detroit Stockholm and live at CinemaQueer Film Festival and My Wild Flag International Dance and Performance Festival. Available on YouTube. Sv. Eng. subtitles.

The HAMI Project (2020)
Video, solo-creation.

The HAMI Project is a dystopian collage video about decolonial resistance against instutitionalized art practices made for the feminist online space Finding SisterhoodKonstgruppen FUL. A hypertextual piece inspired by Neva Deelay’s Galax-Ma and Vincent Duraud’s Even The Stones are Anarchists. Available on YouTubeEng. Eng. subtitles.