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Dabbling in the Arcane: Tarot Reading Services

Did you know that this little Iranian djinn boasts over 8 years of experience in tarot reading? If you did know, you’re either psychic or a dedicated insta baddie. If you didn't, you might possess untapped psychic energy (and should definitely consider becoming an insta baddie if you aren’t already!)
Check out the different services I offer below.

Event Reading - 150€/first hour, then 50€/h

Add a magical touch to your club, party, or other events! Jafar will read you and your guests throughout the night in this super popular, light, and fun format that will have people lining up until the break of dawn.

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Private Reading - 50€/h

Want to delve into the depths of your subconscious thoughts, concerns, and desires? A private reading session will map out the conflicts and curiosities currently affecting your life and provide tools for moving forward. Private readings are available both onsite and online.

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Nano Reading - 5€/question

No matter the distance, anyone can receive a reading! In this mini digital format, you text your question(s) and receive a voice reply. Nano readings are perfect for obtaining concise and direct answers to whatever uncertainties might be haunting you.

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About Tarot

Tarot serves as a divinatory tool for guidance, insight, and transformation in one’s life, employing an arcane 78-card deck. Contrary to popular belief, tarot cards do not predetermine our destiny but rather reveal our inner thoughts and offer tools for transformation. This means you are not a passive bystander of a prenoted future but an active agent in shaping your present! However, each tarot reader interprets, relates to, and utilizes the cards differently. See the disclaimers below for clarity on my approach to tarot.

Important disclaimers!

Out of personal moral convictions, I do not use tarot cards to give legal, medical, or psychological advice, as I lack both formal training and licensure to do so. For inquiries of such nature, I advise you to seek professional help.

I am also not a psychic. While many divination practitioners are, and claircognizance is indeed a skill that can be improved through esoteric training, my strengths lie in my extensive autodidactic training in the pictographic histories of cartomancy. Alongside tarot, I use Lenormand and other oracle cards and draw from my studied knowledge of esoteric traditions to intuitively provide valuable assistance in introspective work and decision-making.